Chinook & Coho Salmon

The Rogue River is famous for salmon fishing. Both Chinook (King) and Coho (Silver) salmon can be found on the Rogue between Gold Beach and Agness, Oregon. Coho range from 5 – 15 pounds, while the Chinook average between 10 – 40 pounds!


December through March is Winter Steelhead season. Steelhead travel up the Rogue this time of year and range between 4 – 20 pounds! Steelhead reaches it’s peak in February, with opportunities to fish in five rivers within a one-hour drive from Eagle Bay Lodging in Gold Beach, Oregon.

Ocean Lingcod & Rockfish

The Rogue River and Pacific Ocean meet in Gold Beach, Oregon, and make for some great ocean fishing. Ocean lingcod and rockfish are plentiful here and make great seafood dinners. Just a few miles offshore in 40 to 125 feet of water, Gold Beach offers the best ocean bottom fishing opportunities on the Oregon Coast!


White sturgeon is the largest freshwater fish species found in North America. This primitive looking fish has large bony plates running down its back, a long flat snout, and a deeply-forked tail. It’s also covered in rough, scale-less skin, similar to a shark. Though they can reach lengths of 20 feet, most white sturgeon rarely get over 10-feet long, which seems plenty long to us!

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